• How Rivers Change the Landscape

    Rivers are a unique feature in the geography of the earth. They provide dry inland areas with much needed fresh water and allow climates of every type to support life. Agriculture is supported by rivers and humans benefit from their existence in many ways. Rivers twist and turn, shaping the [...]

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  • Absolute and Relative Location

    Geographers can describe the location of a place in one of two ways: absolute and relative. Absolute Location Absolute location describes the location of a place based on a fixed point on earth.  The most common way is to identify the location using coordinates such as latitude and longitude.  Lines [...]

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  • Maps Show How Tech Bus Stops Are Affecting San Francisco Evictions

    The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project has plotted out the incidences of “no-fault” evictions in San Francisco against shuttle stops for technical workers.  Many of the larger tech companies such as Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, and Zynga (to name just a few) offer commuter bus service that takes workers from San Francisco down in to [...]

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  • Help Place Kodak Round Images from the Late 1880s

    The American Geographical Society Library UW Milwaukee needs help with identifying the location of photographs taken in the late 1880s. The series of images was produced from negatives and can be found on AGSL’s Flickr page.   The staff knows the approximate time when the photos were taken stating that “Kodak’s first [...]

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  • Google Glass Leads to New Golf App

    With the arrival of Google Glass also comes the influx of new innovative mobile applications.  According to Google, Glass has a high definition screen (the equivalent of viewing a 25 inch HD screen from eight feet away), 802.11b/g WiFi, Bluetooth, 12 gigabytes of usable memory synched with Google cloud storage, [...]

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Geography 101

standard The World’s Longest Rivers

Listed here is a table listing the top ten longest rivers in the world. Nile – Africa –  4,180 miles Amazon – South America - 3,912 miles Chang Jiang (Yangtze) – China – 3,917 miles Mississippi-Missouri-Red Rock - 3,902 miles Yenisei – Russia and Mongolia - 3,445 miles Huang Ho (Yellow) - China - 3,395 miles [...]

standard What is Geography?

Definition: Geography is the study of the surface of the Earth. The word derives from the Greek words hê gê (“the Earth”) and graphein (“to write”).  Geography is much more than Cartography, the study of maps. It not only investigates what is where on the Earth, but also why it’s [...]

Education and Career

Why Geography?

standard Why Geography?

The citizens of many of the world’s countries still don’t realize that ignorance of geography can affect their political stability, economic success, and environmental health. Sure, it’s important to know where things are located. But even more important is learning in what ways those places are affected by their environments [...]

standard Geography Learning Standards

A set of eighteen learning standards has been created for the science of geography which are called the National Geography Standards. These eighteen standards are separated into six essential elements


Zoomorphic Maps: Imagining Maps as Animals

standard Zoomorphic Maps: Imagining Maps as Animals

All throughout history, humans have imagined maps in different ways. The world has been portrayed as one large continent, several different continents, as population clusters, and even as humans, what is known as anthropomorphic maps. Many of these various maps and projections can be quite creative, and some of the [...]

Maps as People: Anthropomorphic Maps

standard Maps as People: Anthropomorphic Maps

Cartographers have been creatively crafting heads and bodies out of mountain ranges, coastlines, and other physical features. These anthropomorphic maps were intended mostly as propaganda pieces to show off the might of one country or stereotype foreign lands.

Travel the Country Without Ever Setting Foot in a Car

standard Travel the Country Without Ever Setting Foot in a Car

The American Intercity Bus Riders Association (AIBRA) has created a map showing travelers how to get around the United States without ever needing a car.  The highly detailed map shows Amtrak train, Greyhound bus, and other public transportation routes.  In theory, a passenger could travel from any two major points in the [...]


GPS Pet Trackers

standard GPS Pet Trackers

The three most popular pet tracking GPS systems are reviewed in this article: the PetTronix RoamEO, Garmin GTU 10, and Tagg Pet Tracker.

Cultural Geography

Interactive Map Provides Geographic Look at Ukraine and Crimea

standard Interactive Map Provides Geographic Look at Ukraine and Crimea

A change of government in the Ukraine served as a precursor to Russian forces entering the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.  Now, there is an interactive map story that helps to lay out the geography and timeline of events happening in Crimea. The map story, developed by Esri, shows three map [...]

Which Countries Have No Airport?

standard Which Countries Have No Airport?

How many countries in the world have no airports? There are five countries, all located in Europe, out of the 196 countries in the world that have no airports located within their borders.

Satellite Imagery of Sochi

standard Satellite Imagery of Sochi

The  22nd Winter Olympics are being held for the first time in Russia from February 7th to the 23rd, 2014.   Russia previously was host to the 1980 Summer Olympic Games, which were held in Moscow.   According to Olympic.org, the Sochi, Russia location is considered one of the most compact Olympics locations [...]

Physical Geography


standard Iceland

Iceland’s most recent eruption of its volcano Eyjafjallajökull in 2010 brought to the world’s attention this volatile and complex region. Despite its name, Iceland is a country of varied geography, topography, and landscape. Most of its population lives near the coastline which offers a more moderate climate compared to the [...]

Tournament Earth: Vote For your Favorite Image of the Earth

standard Tournament Earth: Vote For your Favorite Image of the Earth

Thirty-two have been called, but which will be chosen? NASA’s Earth Observatory is hosting the second annual Tournament: Earth, a reader-driven competition to choose the previous year’s top NASA image of our planet. The tournament starts March 3 and ends April 7, with five rounds of voting spread across five [...]

Aquatic Dead Zones

standard Aquatic Dead Zones

Aquatic dead zones are bodies of water where the oxygen conditions are so low that marine life is unable to be supported.  The condition, known as hypoxia, occurs when dissolved oxygen (typically below 2 mg/l) is below the threshold  needed to sustain life and the water becomes a biological desert. Aquatic [...]