What Does the Acronym BRICS Stand For?

Map showing location of BRICS countries.Map showing location of BRICS countries.

The term “BRICs” is an acronym developed from the names of countries that are in a similar stage of newly advanced economic development. So what does BRICs stand for? BRICs in simple terms refer to countries that financial analysts all over the world believe offer excellent opportunity for long-term economic growth and […]

Satellite Imagery of Sochi

Satellite view of the Sochi Stadiums. Source: European Space Imaging.

The  22nd Winter Olympics are being held for the first time in Russia from February 7th to the 23rd, 2014.   Russia previously was host to the 1980 Summer Olympic Games, which were held in Moscow.   According to, the Sochi, Russia location is considered one of the most compact Olympics locations […]