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Landsat imagery captured July 2, 2016 shows qanats crossing the desert in southeastern Morocco. Source: NASA.

What are Qanats?

Qanat are underground water channels developed during ancient times to carry water using gravity via a gentle downward slope.

Map showing the location of the spacecraft cemetery. Source: NASA.

Spacecraft Cemetery

Ever wonder what happens to satellites and other space debris that make it back to Earth? The spacecraft cemetery is home to spacecraft, freighters, satellites, and space stations that have been retired from their jobs in space.

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Physical Geography

Kerguelen Islands, captured on October 28, 2016 by the the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) instrument on NASA’s Terra satellite.

Where are the Desolation Islands?

Located in the southern Indian Ocean off the eastern coast of Africa and just north of Antarctica, the Kerguelen Islands have earned the nickname “Desolation Islands” due to their remote location.

Human Geography

Geographic Social Inequality

Simple examples of geographic social inequality are evident in major cities, where housing, food stores, basic services, healthcare, and other infrastructure are generally more available to wealthy urban dwellers than the urban poor

Geography Career

Eight Ways Your Geographic Skills Enhance Your Resume

Geographers or anyone with a history of geography education or practice have special skills that can enhance their resumes across nearly all career options. From GIS skills to graphic design to multiculturalism, here are eight ways to market your geography experience as viable job skills.

How Much do Geographers Make?

Geographers find work in a variety of disciplines both in the physical and human geography related fields.  Geographers are employed as cartographers, urban planners, climatologists, natural resource managers, and emergency management personnel; any industry requiring the development or analysis of geographic data will often have a geographer on staff.  The […]

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