• A Conservation-Based Future in Colombia

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    By properly including indigenous and impoverished peoples in the new economy and securing communal land rights in the forests, as well as fostering soil recovery in areas of coca cultivation and managing resource extraction, Colombia can move into a more equitable and environmentally sustainable future.

  • Microbial Life in Fracking Fluids

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    The introduction of fracking fluids very drastically changes the underground microbial ecosystems which become dominated by bacteria that thrive in highly saline environments including those of a new genus named Frackibacter.

  • Job Outlook in the United States

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    This analysis by CityLab shows that although jobs are being created, they are spatially clustered in certain areas and many of the newly created jobs pay low wages.

  • Storing Carbon in the Soil Through Regenerative Farming

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    In partnership with scientists and researchers, farmers are coming up with different ways to keep soil from degrading and releasing more CO2 into the air.

  • EPA Issues Report on Fracking and Earthquakes

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    According to EPA scientists in North Texas, earthquakes there are likely related to fracking and drilling. Although it is not a new discovery that this link is possible ­ or even likely, an acknowledgement from the EPA is significant.

Geography Concept of the Day

Map showing the location of the spacecraft cemetery. Source: NASA.

Spacecraft Cemetery

Ever wonder what happens to satellites and other space debris that make it back to Earth? The spacecraft cemetery is home to spacecraft, freighters, satellites, and space stations that have been retired from their jobs in space.

Gravity hill in Shullsburg, WI. Photo: Benjamin Haines.

What are Gravity Hills?

There are hundreds of gravity hills around the world and they are characterized as places where a geographical optical illusion has been created.

Geography 101


Which Continent Lies in All Four Hemispheres?

While several of the world’s continents are traversed by the separation between two hemispheres, there is only one continent in the world that lies in all four hemispheres: Africa.

Maps and GIS

Geography for Kids

Physical Geography

Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. Image: NASA.

Saltiest Places on Earth

The Dead Sea is one of the saltiest places on Earth, but contrary to popular belief it is not the saltiest location in the world.

Human Geography

Map showing the pathway of the Dakota Access Pipeline Project. Source: Energy Transfer

Dakota Access Pipeline Project Protest

At the Sacred Stone Spirit Camp and elsewhere on the path of the pipeline, activists have worked for months to impede construction, defending their rights to the land and protecting their water sources.

Geography Career


Eight Ways Your Geographic Skills Enhance Your Resume

Geographers or anyone with a history of geography education or practice have special skills that can enhance their resumes across nearly all career options. From GIS skills to graphic design to multiculturalism, here are eight ways to market your geography experience as viable job skills.


How Much do Geographers Make?

Geographers find work in a variety of disciplines both in the physical and human geography related fields.  Geographers are employed as cartographers, urban planners, climatologists, natural resource managers, and emergency management personnel; any industry requiring the development or analysis of geographic data will often have a geographer on staff.  The […]

Geography Fun


Sunday Maptinee: Build a Cork Map

For a fun map making idea, try a cork world map. This video from Parson Woodworking shows how making to make a map of the world using cork.


Pacific Northwest Topo Glassware

North Drinkware currently has two handmade drinking glasses showing the terrain of Mount Rainier and Mount Hood at the bottom of each style.